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Masroor Centre for Healthcare

Humanity First is building a hospital in the Ivory Coast that will bring ease to the lives of deprived communities where there is a need for a full-service high-quality health care facility.

Families and businesses can also sponsor a unit or a facility in the hospital where the donor has the choice to dedicate the facility in the name of their loved ones or in their business name.

Have you ever worried about getting no treatment when you are sick? Were you ever concerned that there is no hospital nearby?

Ivory Coast is one of the fastest developing countries in West Africa, yet even here, there is a shortage of trained medical staff. Developments in recent years have improved outcomes and life expectancy, but still, there is a disparity between access to decent care depending on social status.

Expectant mothers are at higher risk as well as young children. There are also areas such as Abobo with a large population of low-skilled and low-income people who cannot access good quality care easily.

It is for this reason that Humanity First has decided to build a hospital in Yopougon, not far from the capital Abidjan and also Abobo. The concept is to offer good quality care to attract private patients, and then subsidise care for low-income patients.

Ground works started in late 2018 for the Ivory Coast Hospital and the levelling work and perimeter wall should be completed by the end of 2019. The main construction effort is planned for the middle of 2020, and so we need funds to build the facility and to purchase the equipment and furniture.

There are opportunities for families to donate a brick in our donor wall, and for businesses or family groups to also co-brand specific rooms and facilities within the hospital.

Our longer-term plan is for the hospital to become a teaching hospital, and to leave a lasting legacy of more trained clinicians to serve in Ivory Coast.

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