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About Masroor Centre for Healthcare

Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) is a fast developing nation in West Africa. With a population of 23.74 million, the key demographics are as follows:

  • Access to safe drinking water: 80%
  • Access to proper sanitation: 23%
  • Literacy Rate: 44%
  • Life Expectancy: 54 years
  • Maternal Mortality (per 100,000 live births): 614
  • Under-5 Mortality (per 1,000 live births): 89

Per 100,000 people, the clinical capacity is 9 doctors, 31 nurses and 15 midwives. Whilst it is better in urban areas, there is a shortage in rural areas.

In many aspects, health outcomes have improved, for example in the last decade, infant mortality has reduced from 9% to 6.4% and the percentage of births classed as low-weight is falling. Births attended by skilled health staff have increased from 45% to 73.6%. Life expectancy has risen to 54 years. But there is still room for improvement. Equally, Ivory Coast has a prevalence of malaria, meningitis and yellow fever, and in recent years, chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease are increasing.

In this context, the new hospital in Yopougon plans to act as a teaching hospital to increase clinical capacity in the country. Visiting specialists from Europe and North America will provide practical training for local clinicians. The hospital will offer lower-cost care but good quality care for the low-income communities subsidised by specialist services.

Brochure of Masroor Centre for Healthcare

In many western countries, healthcare is guaranteed. It is the right of every citizen. The existence of hospitals and clinics is the responsibility of the government, the quality of care is guaranteed and cannot be compromised in any circumstances whether people donate or not.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in some parts of the world. Healthcare is a privilege and for some people, it does not exist at all – let alone the meaning of quality care!

In those countries, people rely on the generosity of others and on the humanitarian work of organizations like Humanity First. Without the generous donations of our donors and the hard work of our dedicated volunteers, some communities will remain deprived of healthcare. Some people will die of causes that are preventable.